Kardex Remstar Shuttle XPmultiple

Optimal solution for tight spaces

Optimal solution for tight spaces

The Shuttle XPmultiple is the ideal solution for buildings where the installation of several individual systems next to one another is not possible. Instead, the storage lift consists of up to four modular high-bay systems arranged one behind the other. The trays are transported back and forth from the rear unit to the front unit via efficient and precise transfer units which deliver the required goods to a central position. This makes it possible to make optimal use of even deep and narrow spaces while minimizing distances traveled by reducing the number of access openings to just one.

Technical data

Shuttle XPmultiple
Width1,580 mm to 3,980 mm
Depth4,624 mm to 12,296 mm
Height2,550 mm to 30,050 mm
Unit height pitch100 mm increments
Performance data
Vertical speedadjustable up to 2.0 m/s
Storage/retrieval speedadjustable up to 0.7 m/s
Gross loadmax. 67/120 t per segment
Width1,250 mm to 3,650 mm
Depth610 mm/813 mm/864 mm
Storage space pitch25 mm
Tray spacingmin.75 mm
Loadup to560 kg
Advantages at a glance:

The Shuttle XPmultiple offers these product benefits in addition to the advantages of a Shuttle XP: 

  • Storage capacity increased
  • Work performed in parallel during preliminary order picking: The operator works on one tray while the next is already being lined up
  • Solution for special building situations such as corners and recesses where the system has to be installed using the depth of the room (e.g. buffer storage in production)
  • Smaller traffic/picking area
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