Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP

Seven design features – with consistent excellence

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1. Access opening with automatic shutter doors2. Optiflex technology3. Integrated weight management4. Toothed belt drive5. Trays in different load classes6. Ergonomic access opening7. Future-proof designe

1. Access opening with automatic shutter doors

To protect the operator and stored goods. Lower noise levels. Enables preliminary order picking – the operator works on one tray while the extractor prepares the next tray for delivery behind the shutter door. To reduce waiting time, the trays are exchanged as soon as the operator has finished working on the current tray.

2. Optiflex technology

Existing storage space capacity in the unit is optimally utilized by scanning the height of the stored goods to ensure maximum storage density.

3. Integrated weight management

The weight of the tray and shuttle is monitored using the resistance method to prevent overloading of individual trays or the entire system.

4. Toothed belt drive

This allows faster travel and access times, produces lower noise levels, and prolongs the life of the machine.

5. Trays in different load classes

Various trays can be stored in one unit, reducing acquisition costs and ensuring lasting operation flexibility.

6. Ergonomic access opening

The L-profiles in the access opening allow the working position to be individually adjusted to the height of the operator. In addition, two trays can be positioned in one access opening at the same time. The floor-level recess allows the operator to get close to the unit and work ergonomically.

7. Future-proof design

The height of the unit can be modified quickly and easily, and additional access openings can be fitted. As such, it can be optimally adapted to meet future needs.

Every Kardex Remstar XP can be configured to be perfectly compatible with your system.

  • LED/laser pointer
  • Alphanumeric or matrix position display
  • Confirmation bar
  • ESD design
  • Automatic tray extraction device
  • Manual tray extraction device
  • Transit cart
  • Swivel arm for control unit
  • Double/multiple access
  • Tray locking mechanism
  • User administration
  • Logicontrol® 200 unit control system
  • Factory-fitted crane
  • Special trays for pallet storage
  • Tray extraction device for forklift operation
  • Up to six access openings per unit
  • Forklift truck operation in front of the unit
  • Vertical photo cells for monitoring the shaft
  • LED position display
  • Vario position display
  • TIC matrix
  • Auxiliary system
  • Weighing system
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