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By fully utilizing the available room height and storing goods in 25-millimeter increments, the Shuttle XP offers maximum capacity on a minimal footprint. Every single tray is scanned with the help of Optiflex technology and electronic height measurement to facilitate highly dense storage. 


This technology makes it possible to store items of various heights – from the smallest screw to a box or pallet – efficiently in one unit. Each unit is equipped with various safety devices to ensure the optimal safety of the operating personnel and stored goods. Among other things, these include shutter doors in each access opening and a safety light curtain, which is positioned directly in front of the access opening and monitors the entire workspace.




Components - Extractor

The extractor transports the requested tray either directly to the access opening or back to a free storage location within the unit at high speed and at the touch of a button or by scanning a bar code.


Shutter doors


Components - Shutter doors

Shutter doors are fitted as standard on every unit to protect personnel, the machinery, and the stored goods as well as to reduce noise emissions and draughts.


L-profiles in the access opening


Components - L-profiles in the access opening

The side walls of the access opening are fitted with L-profiles, allowing several trays to be positioned in the access opening (double-access handling). In addition, the working position can be individually adjusted to the height of the operator.


Safety light barrier


Components - Safety light barrier

When the safety light barrier directly in front of the access opening is activated, all movements on the unit are immediately halted.

Application areas:
  • Order picking
  • Batch picking
  • Consolidation
  • Sorting
  • Replenishment
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