Advantages Megamat RS

Advantage: speed

The Megamat RS runs at high speed to permit rapid access to all stored goods.

Advantage: individuality and flexibility

The multifunctional multipurpose carriers are adaptable to almost any application. The flexible carrier system permits the efficient storage of a wide variety of goods.

Advantage: quality and efficiency

Due to the perfect interaction of electric motor, high-efficiency transmission and fine-tuned-frequency inverter, the Megamat RS today consumes up to 40 per cent less power. The result: noticeably lower life cycle costs (TCO).

Advantage: safety and security of personnel and stored goods

To ensure the greatest possible safety and security, the new Megamat RS is equipped with four new functions: emergency hand crank, automatic chain tensioner, clip system and smooth running sliding door.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Energy-saving drive technology
  • Maximum safety with minimum material usage
  • Needs-related control concepts for every application – "drive and view"
  • Optimised safety systems
  • Flexible storage due to a comprehensive carrier concepta