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  • Power Pick Onboard The fully integrated Onboard inventory management software

The high-flyer for your intralogistics

Power Pick Onboard: The fully integrated Onboard inventory management software

Efficient. Flexible. Simple. The latest-generation Onboard inventory management software

Efficient storage and order picking. In the smallest space. In the shortest time.

Whether you run a small business or a large company, storage logistics demands are growing. Ever more goods must be stored and retrieved in ever shorter spaces of time and in flexible quantities. At the same time, costs for space and staff are rising. With Power Pick Onboard, the future-oriented Onboard inventory management software, and our automated storage and retrieval systems, you can streamline and accelerate your warehouse processes – and save space, time, and money.


Everything Onboard for your success.

Above all else, an inventory management solution must be simple and minimize the risk of errors in all tasks with clearly structured processes. That is why we have developed Power Pick Onboard, a fully integrated Onboard inventory management software solution that can be operated intuitively and has all you need to make your work easier and processes more secure as well as speed up the order picking operation.


Flexibly adaptable to your needs.

Growth can be this easy: If your inventory grows, the storage system solution simply grows with it. That’s because Power Pick Onboard makes it possible to expand the storage space without altering existing processes. This means that several connected units can be used via the same system and managed centrally. For productive, efficient, and highly flexible storage logistics – simpler than ever.


Intelligent functions – Ergonomically designed

With best-in-class interface and intuitive operating concept

Inventory management made easy: The user interface on Power Pick Onboard has been systematically reduced to the essentials. The functional design simplifies the operating process, provides an optimal overview, and ensures that all processes run smoothly.



Modern, intuitive operating concept

Intelligent functions, ergonomically designed. For self-explanatory use and fast initial training.

Comprehensive, standardized warehouse management
The user controls access to the material. Every operation is logged. It is easy to check the material, storage space, and inventory lists.

Ergonomic working conditions
The operating panel can be adjusted to suit the operator by means of a rotating and tilting bracket.

Secure investment with planning reliability
Thanks to straightforward expansion options.

Large multi-touch operating panel
Simple handling thanks to the anti-glare 12-inch multi-touch operating panel with integrated onscreen keyboard.

Optional host interface
Maximum flexibility with host connection for importing orders.

Integrated hardware reduces costs
No additional PC is needed – legal requirements and complex IT connections are no longer relevant or required. Ports for external devices such as keyboards or handheld scanners are available.

ROI within 12 to 24 months

Whether you’re just starting out or moving up, switching to an automated storage and retrieval system with Power Pick Onboard soon pays off.

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