Case Studies - Vertical Carousels

Bauwerk Parkett – storage of parquet samples

In the course of redesigning a showroom, the Swiss parquet manufacturer wished to change its storage technology from static shelving to an automated system with the aim of...[more]

Halba Chocolats – buffer storage for perishable confectionery

The Swiss confectioner wanted to use a buffer storage system to guarantee continuous production and increase productivity by ensuring that the manufacturing process didn’t...[more]

Nycomed – storage of sterile items

The Austrian health care company Nycomed needed new storage units for its intermediate products within its clean room production operation, requiring high standards in...[more]

Rohde & Schwarz – storage of goods under dry conditions

The electronics company Rohde & Schwarz needed to store its spare parts under dry conditions, not least to prevent them from aging. At the same time, it wanted to improve its...[more]

Erling Sande – optimizing the entire storage process

The growing demand for its products meant that the importer of vehicles and accessories was faced with the task of expanding its storage capacity. This was accompanied by an...[more]

Festo Didactic – storage of frequently requested parts

For efficiency reasons, the supplier of training systems decided to purchase automatic vertical carousels to replace the previously used paternoster system in its buffer...[more]

Bürkert – buffer storage system for valve production

Due to increased demand for its products, Bürkert, a manufacturer of measurement and control systems for fluid products, decided to build a new buffer storage system at one...[more]

Schneeberger – storage of semi-finished parts

Due to increased demand, the machine tool manufacturer Schneeberger Lineartechnik planned to expand its production capacity with a special focus on making optimal use of the...[more]

Miller Bäckerei – retrieval of ingredients

After constructing a new building, the manufacturer of bread and other baked goods wanted to make more efficient use of its storage capacity and also establish clearer...[more]

Volvo Truck Center – spare part storage for vehicle products

Since the company’s storage space was no longer sufficient, it needed to organize its spare part logistics more efficiently to supply its extensive repair workshop and new...[more]