Hospital stores

Kardex Remstar supplies solutions for individual hospital departments and as an overall package of storage and logistics measures. All of them are designed to save space and ensure that goods are handled safely and cleanly. The time saved by staff storing goods in this way can be spent on the patients instead.



Optimizing storage with automated storage systems over several floors

Kardex Remstar has developed and supplied automated storage systems that extend over six floors and are up to 30 meters high. The dimensions are adapted to the individual hospital. Goods are received and put into storage on the lowest floor. The trays are transported to the different floors via the automated storage systems. On the individual floors, once staff members have logged in, they have access to the goods needed by their department. This means that the automated storage system functions as a storage unit for central storage, as a depot for the individual hospital departments, and also as a transport unit. Furthermore, the automated storage system can even regulate the climate in accordance with strict clean room standards such as EN – ISO Classes 5–8. There are further options to regulate the temperature and air humidity. The automated storage system is especially quiet and Kardex Remstar can provide specific noise level measurements from a test conducted in a hospital.

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The benefits at a glance

  • Huge space saved. For instance, an automated storage system (25 meters high with a total of five access openings – one on each floor), which occupies ten square meters of floor space, provides 600 m² of storage space and volume totalling 92 m³.
  • No unauthorized access. The hospital goods are enclosed and staff members have to log in to access them.
  • Higher efficiency and more time for patients. Goods are automatically transported from the storage unit to the individual department.
  • Clean and safe handling of goods. The option exists to store goods in a climate-controlled environment and also store sterile items. There is no unauthorized access, thereby guaranteeing better monitoring of stock levels.
  • More room for patients. The automated storage system can function entirely or partially as a storeroom in the individual departments.
  • Better ergonomics for employees. All goods are conveyed to the employee at an ergonomically manageable height.


Kardex Remstar solutions for individual hospital departments

Kardex Remstar has a wide range of smaller automated storage systems that can be used in individual departments for storing stockpiled or sterile items. The automated storage systems are adapted to the height of the room and all trays are automatically conveyed to the employee at an ergonomically manageable height. Optimal use is made of the space and the actual amount of space required for storage can be reduced by between 50 and 70 percent compared to storing goods on conventional shelving. Furthermore, there is no unauthorized access to the goods. The automated storage systems are simple to operate. Items can be retrieved by pressing just two or three buttons.


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Kardex Remstar has a range of references for both larger logistics solutions and smaller, individual solutions with automated storage systems for individual departments. Such examples include the hospitals in Hillerød and Karlstad, Odense University Hospital, and the hospitals in Nordkarelien, Kolding, and Esbjerg. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.