Electronics companies

Kardex Remstar has solutions for optimizing the storage of both hardware and software in the electronics industry. This applies to normal items as well as SMDs. The automated storage systems are supplied with ESD protection and can hold SMD reels (standing or lying) or sticks of all sizes.

The Kardex “Power Pick Global Smartpick 5200” software has been specially developed for the electronics industry with the aim of managing the storage and retrieval of goods, recording information on stock levels, and overseeing the process of returning items such as SMD reels from the production area to the storage units.

The automated storage systems can be used individually in the production area as part of the lean process and charge the individual feeders with components. The automated storage systems can also be incorporated into a single system made up of several automated units which are part of the central warehouse.

The automated storage systems are not only ESD-protected, but can also be supplied with functions to regulate the climate, including one which regulates the air humidity up to a level of five percent.

The benefits at a glance

  • More space for production. The amount of floor space required can often be reduced by between 75 and 90 percent. This means that the same amount of goods can be stored on a footprint 10 to 25 percent the size of the original space.
  • Better inventory management. Kardex software makes it possible to count the stock every time a storage space is emptied. With an interface to the ERP system this means that stock levels are by and large always well balanced. Real-time information on stock levels reduces the risk of an unnecessary halt in production. The system can also handle components that are returned to stock.
  • Controlled environment. There is an option to regulate the air humidity when critical components are being stored. Further options include clean room conditions and temperature regulation.
  • Safe handling of components and stored goods. Expensive component reels are enclosed and protected from external influences and unauthorized access.
  • Flexible storage spaces. Kardex automated storage systems are especially flexible and can be continuously adapted to accommodate SMD reels with different diameters and the various dimensions of sticks and other items.
  • ESD-protected. Kardex automated storage systems can be supplied ESD-protected.
  • Safer storage and retrieval process. The storage and retrieval process is optimized using Kardex software. There is an option to manage goods by batch numbers and scan goods to ensure they have been correctly picked and allocated to the right production order.


Is it worth investing in Kardex Remstar for my business?

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