Kardex Remstar LT 35

For the vertical transport of small parts at high speed

Hohe Pickleistung und Energieeffizienz

The high order picking performance and energy efficiency of the Kardex Remstar LT 35 make it an efficient solution for the just-in-time retrieval of assembly kits or the buffering of small goods. Its narrow dimensions make it ideal for installing in tight spaces.

Retrieval – fast and highly accurate
With fast access to goods, a high bin throughput rate, and smooth retrieval of parts where they are needed, the Kardex Remstar LT 35 is perfect for the high-speed transport and buffering of components and assembly kits required for the production line or for the interim storage of small parts in the area of production, incoming goods, outgoing goods, or quality assurance. The movable mast with telescopic gripper integrated into the Vertical Buffer Module ensures fast and accurate performance. Using the Kardex Remstar LT 35 significantly increases throughput rates compared to conventional systems. Virtually 100 percent error-free order picking is guaranteed by allowing controlled access to one single bin.


Flexible and space-saving
The LT 35’s modular and scalable concept means it can be perfectly adapted to individual processes and building dimensions. It requires a footprint of just 2.3 m2, making installation possible in even the tightest of space. It is also possible to arrange several units very close to one another in parallel. Furthermore, optimal use can be made of the room’s existing height thanks to the ability to adjust the unit height in steps of 100 mm.

Yet the flexibility of the LT 35 is not just restricted to its outer dimensions. The bins or trays can be individually subdivided and thus adapted to the type of item being stored. In addition, the system makes it possible to store bins or goods with up to four different heights.

Flexible integration of access openings across the entire height of the unit and straightforward linking to automatic conveyor technology, logistics systems, and WMS/MFC software are also a testament to the incredible flexibility of the innovative storage system. The Kardex Remstar LT 35 can also be easily adapted if it needs to be used for a different purpose later on.


Ergonomics and security
When using the Kardex Remstar LT 35, the requested parts are conveyed to an ergonomically designed access opening in line with the goods-to-person principle. It is possible to view and pick the goods directly from above, making it easier on the muscles and back.

In addition, the extensive safety features allow operators to work safely on the unit. The enclosed system optimally protects the stored goods from dust, dirt, damage, and theft.

Technical Data

Kardex Remstar LT 35

Performance**depending on unit design and process
Speed up to 3m/s
Acceleration of up to 3m/s2


Standard mini-load system compatible bins
600 x 400 mm
(up to 640 x 440 mm)
Load 35 kg / bin
Unit dimensions*
Width1,300 mm
Depth1,750 mm

3,000 to 12,000 mm

*Bin dimensions 600 x 400 mm
Unit vertical steps
100 mm steps


The advantages at a glance
  • Fast and accurate vertical transport of bins, including buffer function
  • High bin throughput rate
  • Simple integration into conveyor and logistics systems
  • Energy efficiency by design
  • Small footprint needed
  • Easy installation
  • Scalable thanks to the modular design
  • Flexibility in terms of loads and item sizes
  • Safe and ergonomic working
    Vertical Buffer System LT35 Access Opening 1