Storage of bins and trays

High flexibility through mixed storage

The flexible design of the Vertical Buffer Module enables mixed storage of bins and trays of various dimensions, such as Euro containers measuring between 600 x 400 mm and 640 x 440 mm with a solid base. Each bin and tray in the Kardex Remstar LR 35 can accommodate a load of up to 35 kg, with a maximum storage capacity of 3,300 bins or trays. The total load capacity is 63 t.

Kardex VBM Box

The innovative storage and transport box: flexible – robust – well designed

The Kardex VBM Box is a storage and transport box that includes a divider system. With dimensions 640 x 440 x 140 mm, the box is perfect for the Vertical Buffer Module LR 35. Storage boxes can be divided flexibly and quickly adapted at any time by using transverse and longitudinal dividers. The height of the Kardex VBM Box can be extended in a 50 mm grid using push-on frames. The transverse and longitudinal dividers also come in different heights.

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