Efficiently pick small parts

Many good arguments

Vertical Buffer Module - Many good arguments

More efficient order picking

  • Practically zero defects when picking thanks to controlled access to one single bin at a time
  • Precise, simple, and fast order picking using pick-to-light systems
  • No searching for storage locations, speeding up the order picking process even further
  • Fewer employees needed and money saved due to automatic replenishment of goods


Energy efficiency by design

  • Uses just a third of the energy of comparable systems
  • No energy recovery necessary


Lightning-fast access

  • Short distances covered thanks to access to the entire storage area via one access opening
  • Very fast picking speeds with any unit size


Flexible storage possibilities

  • Trays and bins can be mixed
  • Wide range of items and high storage capacity coupled with fast access times and small storage volume per item


Comfortable picking

  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • Different ergonomically designed picking stations


Simple to integrate

  • Thanks to its modularity and scalability, the Vertical Buffer Module can be perfectly adapted to processes and building dimensions
  • Fast development and delivery times