Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

The carrier concept for maximum flexibility


The modular carrier and shelf concept from Kardex Remstar provides supreme comfort, high stability, and maximum safety.


Every product is different. Similarly, every customer is different and each has their own challenges, which are constantly changing. So it is ideal when they can rely on a modular concept for standard carriers and shelves. And it is even better when they can mount the shelves in the way that best suits their needs. The Horizontal carousel can do all of this. 



Carrier design with 38 mm spacing


Carrier design with 38 mm spacing

A smaller spacing of 38 mm and twice this number of hook options for shelves: This is the formula for success of the Horizontal Carousel for increased warehouse capacity and flexibility. With a specific shelf spacing and using standard bins, you can gain one or se­veral shelf levels.


EXCLUSIVE: Shelf with 180° rotation


EXCLUSIVE: Shelf with 180° rotation

Since the shelves can be rotated 180 degrees, they can be used in a number of different ways, significantly improving the handling of items and creating more flexibility when storing and retrieving goods. 


The 14 mm front lip on each shelf prevents slipping of the stored goods. Thus, the stored goods are optimally secured also in a horizontal and tilted forward position.


EXCLUSIVE: Shelf thickness of 26 mm


Shelf thickness of 26 mm

Shelves need to be able to carry and withstand a lot. The robust shelf helps to reduce shelf deflection against higher concentrated load.


A shelf lock can be installed as an option.This minimises the vibration noise of unloaded shelves, since they are connected to the carrier at the cross bar. Another plus: Safety and installation availability are increased, since autonomous disengagement is prevented for empty shelves.

Shelves can be mounted:
  • tilted forward
  • horizontally
  • tilted backward