Kardex Remstar Towermat

Efficient and space-saving storage of oversized and heavy goods

Towermat - Efficient and space-saving

Towermat vertical lift system - perfect space optimisation for heavy items

Stock with extreme dimensions and heavy goods require particularly well-thoughtout storage logistics. Previously, unprofitable use of space for the storage of long goods, metal sheets, tools, pallets or mesh cages cause extremely complex handling issues and lead to higher costs in the long term. Kardex Remstar supplies dynamic and flexible solutions for these special demands: Towermat vertical lift systems. Goods with a total weight of up to 5,000 kg per tray can be efficiently integrated into the storage logistics process with the Towermat. The flexible design of the Towermat makes it possible to make optimal use of the available space: On smaller footprints, best possible use is made of the existing room height. The result: much greater storage capacity and more productive material handling.

Large and flat design – the ideal system for sheet metal

Materials with large surface areas measuring up to 2,000 x 6,000 mm are stored in a particularly space-saving manner in the Towermat storage lift for sheet metal and are automatically transported to the operator.

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Space-saving solutions for long goods

User-friendliness is also important when storing long goods. Pipes, steel bars and similar goods, each up to 10,000 mm in length, can be very efficiently stored and fully automatically transported.

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The all-round talent for storing pallets

Future-proof solutions are individual! Kardex Remstar also follows this principle when it comes to the storage logistics of particularly heavy loading equipment such as pallets and mesh cages.

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Flexibility for special forms such as tools

Storing heavy, bulky tools is especially challenging: Heavy loads and irregular shapes must be stored in a way that saves space and allows them to be safely put away and retrieved.

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Technical data

Towermat FE EE
System heightup to 25,000 mm up to 8,000 mm
Carrier unit
Widthup to 10,000 mm up to 8,200 mm
Depth up to 2,000 mm up to 1,500 mm
Load per carrier unit
max. 5,000 kg 3,000 kg