Benefits of an Order Picking System

Warehouse Management System

Kardex Remstar Order Picking System

An order picking system is a warehouse management system that is designed especially for warehouses that deal with customer orders. This is important piece of equipment in the warehouse because it enables warehouse owners to reap the following benefits that are helpful for their business.

  • More organized orders/items. An order picking system is designed to place ordered items in the proper place and then when they are activated, they pick the right orders for the workers to prepare for the customers. With this, order picking is made more organized and a very easy task to do.
  • Less-stressed workers. The fact that an order picking system makes order picking more organized makes the order picking task less stressful for the workers. In other words, you will benefit from less-stressed workers. In fact, even if you minimize the number of workers you have, they would still feel less stressed because of the convenience that an order picking system can offer.
  • More productive workers. Now, the fact that the workers are less stressed with an order picking system makes them more productive workers. This is because they can easily finish a massive amount of orders in a day as order picking is no longer stressful for them.
  • Fast order completion. You can benefit a lot with an order picking system through fast order completion. Completing orders from customers can be done in a jiffy and this is what makes order picking less stressful for workers.
  • Fewer mistakes. When it comes to order picking system, this warehouse management system is computer-operated and so, there is likely to be any mistakes when picking orders. As the warehouse owner, you won’t be stressed if a worker makes mistakes and for workers, they no longer need to worry about being scolded for order picking faults.
  • More satisfied customers. As mentioned, the order picking system has the ability to achieve fast order completion and less order mistakes. These result to more satisfied customers. When the order picked is correct and delivered to them fast because of the system, you can guarantee that you will always make your customers and clients satisfied with your service.
  • More potential customers. In any kind of business, if a certain batch of customes is satisfied with the service, you can guarantee that more potential customers are coming because satisfied customers can’t help but disseminate the information about your good service to others.
  • More progressive and popular business. And the final benefit of an order picking system is the progress and popularity of your business. Since your workers are less stressed and more productive, more customers would be satisfied and the more the customers are satisfied the healthier it is for your business.

Therefore, if you are managing a business that requires order picking inside your warehouse, it is a must to incorporate an order picking system already. It will save time and effort as well as benefit your business a lot than you expect.

Advantages at a glance
  • More organized orders/items
  • Less-stressed workers
  • More productive workers
  • Fast order completion
  • Fewer mistakes
  • More satisfied customers
  • More potential customers
  • More progressive and popular business
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