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Order picking is another process common in warehouses that refers to the collection of items and materials ordered or requested by the customers. Order picking is also a very crucial task and this process also needs to be done properly to satisfy customer needs or make sure their needs are met. This is why you also need an order picking system.

An order picking system is another type of warehouse management system or storage system that helps make the process of order picking easy. Actually, the process of order picking can be done manually or automatically. In other words, the order picking system that you apply can either be manual or automated. Manual refers to hiring order pickers who will manually pick the customer’s orders from one container to another while automated order picking systems refer to systems that allow the process to be done even without the workers moving from one place to another to complete the orders.

But nowadays, the automated order picking system is more popular because of the advanced technology nowadays. Plus, there are also advantages to automated order picking systems over the manual order picking systems.

  • They save time. Since the process is automated and the workers no longer need to spend hours just to complete the orders for the customers, then a lot of time can really be saved. They can move on to more orders and eventually have so many orders competed with just a short period of time.
  • They save effort. In manual order picking, this may require workers to move to another container just to get the orders, etc, but in automated order picking, the workers don’t need to move or go anywhere and so, they are saved from the effort of going to and from one place and another.
  • They save money. Automated order picking systems can also save money because they prevent mistakes that most workers commit. Since the orders can be picked automatically because of the programmed order picking system, mistakes are avoided and therefore, money is saved as well.

There are some common types of automated order picking systems such as:

  • The sorting systems. This is an order picking system that is also known as a conveyor system wherein there is no need for the worker or the staff to go to the place where the item is located because through this conveyors system, the orders are the ones that will bring themselves to the worker.
  • The pick-to-box system. This is an order picking system that refers to several picking stations joined by a conveyor system wherein there is also no need for the worker to move far but can only shift one order station to another in order for the order to be completed.
  • Voice directed picking systems. This refers to the automated order picking system wherein a computerized voice system instructs the worker as to what to pick and where to pick as well as the quantity of the items.

There are also a lot of other automated order picking systems nowadays and they are proven essential systems to have for your warehouse.

Advantages at a glance
  • They save time
  • They save effort
  • They save money
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