Qualities of an Efficient Storage System

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When it comes to manufacture, production, distribution, efficient storage is important to keep items safe, to keep workers safe, to organize stocks, for easier and quick order picking, or in other words, to make the warehouse and warehouse tasks manageable. But when it comes to efficient storage, whether you are considering storage cabinets, order picking systems, etc. here are a lot of qualities you need to look for to ensure that the storage system you have is truly efficient and can really help you keep your products and staff safe, make order picking easy and fast as well as make the warehouse more manageable.

  • Sturdy and Durable structure. An efficient storage system is guaranteed to be sturdy and durable in structure. Whether they are cabinets, pallets, etc. they are well-structured to last long and to keep all the material inside them safe. With a poor and weak storage system structure, chances are it is not only the items or products they hold that can be jeopardized but also the safety of the workers.
  • Space saver. An efficient storage system is also guaranteed to be a real space saver. It is not as big as to fill the whole warehouse but it is not as small as to keep you from storing small parts and items. They should be just enough to hold all the items that you have but still keep the warehouse looking more organized, less messy and a safe environment for your workers.
  • Automated. Nowadays, because of the busy schedule of most people as well as the advanced technology, one quality of an efficient storage system is already being automated. This means that they can perform the entire task they are supposed to achieve such as storage, distribution, etc. automatically. This will allow you to perform all your warehouse tasks easily since there is no need for you to manually store and stack items, move items from one place to another, etc. All you have to do is operate the automated storage systems and then you can easily move the products from one place to another or store them up high.
  • Safely-structure. There are also storage systems that are proven to be sturdy as well as a great space-saver and automated as well but their only flaw is that their design is proven a safety hazard. It could be that they can pierce the hand of the worker easily, there are pointy corners and faulty designs that can make the workers either bump their heads or cause minor injuries. An efficient storage is not only efficient when it comes to their basic purpose but also in their safe designs.

The qualities of an efficient storage system can help you evaluate all the storage systems that are introduced in the market. Not because a storage system is automated or popular does not mean that it is the best or efficient for your warehouse. You’ll have to conduct your own research and evaluation regarding these storage systems first to find out their efficiency.

Advantages at a glance
  • Sturdy and Durable structure
  • Space saver
  • Automated
  • Safely-structure
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