Case Studies - Lift Storage Systems

FLAMA - Multi-level storage solution in high-tech manufacturing

Shanghai FLAMA Welding Equipment is one of China’s leading manufacturers of inverter welders. They are assembled in a multistory building, resulting in long and costly...[more]

Berner Oberland Bahnen AG – efficient storage for SMEs

Berner Oberland Bahnen AG operates several railroad routes in Switzerland. Its warehouse had to be modernized in the course of replacing its rolling stock, because there was...[more]

Merck - Research substances stored in a controlled environment

Merck KGaA is one of the world’s leading companies in the pharma and chemical industry. The company needed an efficient concept for its new research building in Darmstadt to...[more]

Hydravalve – efficient storage management of machinery parts and accessories

The British company Hydravalve supplies machinery and spare parts to businesses in the field of hydraulic power and energy. Due to its wide range of products, its inventory...[more]

TSC - Order Fulfillment of Small Jewelry Items

The Canadian company TSC is a major multichannel retailer of an exclusive range of jewelry to customers throughout Canada. As part of its successful online expansion, the...[more]

Replacedirect - Fast delivery of parts and accessories to prolong the life of electronic devices

Replacedirect from the Netherlands is active in the after sales and repair of electrical appliances for private and business customers. The company places particular emphasis...[more]

Med24 - Efficient e-commerce for health, beauty, and medicare

The Danish company Med24 specializes in the online sale of health, care, and cosmetic products and offers customers in the Scandinavian region an extensive range of items....[more]

Flowtechnology UK – Scales the Heights with Shuttle XP

Customers of Flowtechnology UK ‘FTUK’, enjoy greater quality of service, thanks to the company’s long-term investment in advanced storage solutions from Kardex. The company...[more]

Lesley Cosmetics - High-speed order picking of cosmetics

Mary Kay Inc. is one of the leading companies specializing in the direct sale of makeup and skincare products. Lesley Cosmetics is the brand’s exclusive authorized...[more]

Frank Mohn - Tailored storage of production components

Frank Mohn, a Norwegian manufacturer of submersible pumping systems for the shipping and offshore industry, needed to efficiently store and retrieve parts of various...[more]

Dorma - Move between locations completed on schedule

The Dorma Group produces integral solutions for opening and closing doors. In order to be able to manufacture its products in a more process-oriented way and closer to the...[more]

Phoenix - SMD storage system perfectly integrated into the building

Phoenix Contact Electronics is an internal supplier of electronic components for the Phoenix Group. The company manufactures components, systems, and solutions in the area of...[more]

Yves Rocher – innovative fire protection for the safe storage of cosmetic materials

With 15,000 employees worldwide, Yves Rocher manufactures cosmetics and body care products. For this purpose, the company needed a raw materials storage system accessible...[more]

Delorge – ergonomic retrieval of tires

As one of the biggest car dealers in Belgium, Delorge keeps a large number of tires in stock all year round. Due to a lack of space, this was previously taken care of by an...[more]

ENGEL Elektroantriebe – innovative fire protection for safely storing components

ENGEL Elektroantriebe GmbH manufactures components and systems used in electric drive technology. The necessary parts must be available quickly at all times when...[more]

FEGA & Schmitt – picking slow-moving items

Electrical wholesaler FEGA & Schmitt delivers products to its customers in central and southern Germany within 24 hours from its main warehouse near Nuremberg. In the...[more]

ABB Schweiz – just-in-time retrieval of pallets holding assembly sets

The energy and automation technology company ABB has been using Kardex Remstar storage and retrieval systems at its site in Zurich for quite some time. When the need arose to...[more]

Viemme – Ergonomic storage and retrieval of heavy mechanical parts

The Italian company Viemme is a manufacturer of precision parts. The heavy components were previously stored on static shelves, exposing them to dust and corrosion. It also...[more]

Comunian Bevande – Safe and fast distribution of wines and spirits

Comunian Bevande is one of Italy’s leading beverage retailers. The company supplies its customers from a portfolio of around 2,000 different products. In the warehouse, the...[more]

1zu1 Prototypen – dense storage for prototype production

The Austrian company uses silicone molds for vacuum casting with polyurethane casting resin. They have to be stored away again after use and be available quickly when needed....[more]

Henke – storage of heavy tools

The manufacturer of components for the furniture industry needed an efficient, space-saving storage solution with sufficient capacity to quickly retrieve its growing...[more]

Galderma – sorting and buffering orders

Steady growth and an ever broader product portfolio led to an increasingly more complex supply chain at the Swedish dermatology company. It was decided to introduce an...[more]

Schrauwen – fast parts delivery for sanitary systems

The Belgian sanitary and heating system wholesaler offers its customers 24-hour service and overnight delivery. This calls for efficient picking of stored goods. The system...[more]

MK Dichtungs AG – vertical storage of seals

In order to save space and retrieve its products more quickly in future, MK wanted to modernize its storage operation because it was still storing its goods on static...[more]

Kjell & Company – multi-batch picking for online and in-store orders

The Swedish supplier of home electronics accessories sells its range of 9,000 products online and in 80 stores. The existing static shelf system no longer gave the...[more]

Maintenance - Efficient Order Picking of airplanes and helicopter parts

Picking frequency four times faster, Increased storage capacity: 14,000 part numbers on only, 35 m² floor space, Saved space: 2,000 m², Less travel time, Error-free order...[more]

Ajan Elektronik – just-in-time retrieval for assembly

Ajan Elektronik was looking for an efficient storage and retrieval solution to save space and guarantee a fast and reliable supply of a wide range of parts for the production...[more]

EKK Anlagentechnik – storage of lightweight small parts

The company needed a new storage system for the production of containers, piping, and pumping and dosing stations. It was looking for a solution that saved as much space as...[more]

TCI Group – handling of SMD reels in production

The TCI Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic components, needed a clean and orderly storage system for approx. 500,000 SMD reels. A precise and...[more]

Rohde & Schwarz II – error-free retrieval of SMD reels

The task at Rohde & Schwarz was to optimize the setup process for populating electronic assembly groups with SMDs in the production area. The main focus was on increasing the...[more]

Maintenance - Spare part distribution – management of mobile workshop

Recovery of more than 70 % of the space previously used within the warehouse. Over 350 m² of storage capacity in less than 8 m² of floor space. More control over the handled...[more]

NiceHair – fast picking of items for an online shop

The Danish e-commerce retailer of hair and cosmetic products was founded in 2008 and now sells around 10,000 items from more than 200 brands in its online shop. The products...[more]

CLAAS – order picking for engine assembly

The manufacturer of heavy agricultural machinery planned to store the components needed for its assembly line right by the assembly area. Greater storage capacity was needed...[more]

NKT Photonics – retrieval of components for production parts

After creating a new production line in a newly attached building complex, the Danish manufacturer of optical fibers and industrial fiber lasers decided to replace its old...[more]

K.W. Bruun Logistik – car accessories picked by 3PL

The external 3 PL service provider from Denmark specializes in supplying accessories and spare parts to Scandinavian Peugeot and Citroën dealers and has two delivery...[more]

Scottish Art Gallery – storage of valuable works of art in a stable climate

The museum planned to create a secure and protected location with a stable climate and one single management system to consolidate its collection in one central place....[more]

Gaulhofer – storage of components

Gaulhofer, one of Austria’s leading window manufacturers, needs a huge amount of space to store the parts used for assembly. Accordingly, the subject of finding extra space...[more]

Teva Pharma – efficient retrieval of package inserts

The Israeli manufacturer of generic drugs was looking for a solution to optimize the storage and retrieval process for medicine package inserts in its new warehouse in...[more]

Sehvic – dry storage of parts

The energy company was looking for an efficient solution to store power transmission system components in an air-conditioned environment with controlled air dehumidification....[more]

Schölly Fiberoptic – batch and multi-user picking of small parts

In a newly built factory the supplier of complex visualization systems wanted to link production and intralogistics with one another more efficiently. In addition, space had...[more]

Westerdals School – storage of media equipment for students

Westerdals School of Communication in Norway is considered one of the world’s best education establishments in its field. After moving to a new site, the college needed...[more]

Faymonville – fast retrieval of spare parts

The Belgian manufacturer of trailers for special transport and heavy haulage decided to centralize its storage facilities previously spread across three production sites in...[more]

Karlstad – hygienic storage of hospital supplies

Karlstad’s main hospital has more than 600 patient beds and its 3,200 employees provide health services for the entire Värmland region in Sweden. As part of a building...[more]

ALSO Schweiz AG – fast replenishment for the electrical retailer

The ALSO Group specializes in distributing IT and entertainment electronics throughout Europe. No fewer than 8,000 items are stored on an area covering 26,000 m² at its Swiss...[more]

Christie – ergonomic retrieval of projection systems

The global manufacturer of projection systems needed more storage space at its center of excellence in the Canadian city of Ontario to meet the growing number of customer...[more]

Johnson Controls – conditioned buffer storage for automated production line

The automotive supplier needed an efficient conditioning system for the interim storage of its door panel supports on a three-shift operation. By adding water, the parts take...[more]

Frydenbo – cost-cutting storage of spare parts

The Norwegian car dealer set itself the aim of keeping 90 percent of all spare parts in stock on the premises. Establishing this service concept required fast processing...[more]

Frühauf – storage and picking of electronic parts

The company gradually expanded its storage capacity by adding a series of automated storage lifts in order to successfully meet the increasing demand for its electronic...[more]

Bauwerk Parkett – storage of parquet samples

In the course of redesigning a showroom, the Swiss parquet manufacturer wished to change its storage technology from static shelving to an automated system with the aim of...[more]

Knorr Bremse II – buffer storage with fire extinguishing system

The company planned to centralize its buffer storage system in order to organize its extensive range of assembly parts more efficiently. An innovative fire protection system...[more]

Halba Chocolats – buffer storage for perishable confectionery

The Swiss confectioner wanted to use a buffer storage system to guarantee continuous production and increase productivity by ensuring that the manufacturing process didn’t...[more]

Etra Oy – picking of industrial small parts

The supplier of industrial parts wanted to build a new distribution center and was looking for an automated alternative to the manual order picking operation from static...[more]

Hilti – buffer storage for fire protection parts

The industrial company needed a storage system in which approximately 9,000 firestop blocks and plugs could be temporarily stored. The preliminary products come from the...[more]

Liebherr – compact storage of components and spare parts

The construction machinery manufacturer was faced with the challenge of finding a space-saving storage concept for its extensive inventory while also ensuring that parts for...[more]

Günzburg hospital – space-saving and secure storage of medical records

Around 15,000 patients per year are treated in the modern facility. The system for storing medical records had to be modernized and replaced by an automated solution to...[more]

Schmid Group – storing and picking machinery components

The specialist in printed circuit boards and photovoltaics needed extra storage capacity at its main premises in Freudenstadt for around 16,000 different machinery parts of...[more]

Abena – more efficient order picking with pick-to-light trolleys

The Danish manufacturer of hygiene products wanted to increase the speed and precision of order picking processes in its distribution warehouse. This aim was successfully...[more]

Beyer Chronometrie – storage of spare parts

Beyer Chronometrie is Switzerland’s oldest business specializing in timepieces and jewelry. Besides products from notable manufacturers, the company also sells exclusive...[more]

Knorr Bremse – establishment of an effective small parts storage system

The manufacturer Knorr-Bremse was looking for a solution to store, retrieve, and transfer small parts efficiently and in the tightest of spaces at its new factory in...[more]

Alexander Bürkle – picking electronic products

The electronics wholesaler Alexander Bürkle has experienced steady growth thanks to the rapid development of the multimedia and electronics industry. The increase in demand...[more]

Air China – storage and retrieval of documents

The airline was looking for an efficient system that could securely store and precisely retrieve its crews’ travel documents. It opted for a storage solution from Kardex...[more]

IKEA – picking of furniture accessories

The storage system at the IKEA branch in Spreitenbach had to be reorganized. It was especially important to maintain a good overview of materials and a clean warehouse...[more]

Volvo Truck Center – spare part storage for vehicle products

Since the company’s storage space was no longer sufficient, it needed to organize its spare part logistics more efficiently to supply its extensive repair workshop and new...[more]

Festo Didactic – storage of frequently requested parts

For efficiency reasons, the supplier of training systems decided to purchase automatic vertical carousels to replace the previously used paternoster system in its buffer...[more]

Bürkert – buffer storage system for valve production

Due to increased demand for its products, Bürkert, a manufacturer of measurement and control systems for fluid products, decided to build a new buffer storage system at one...[more]

Motoral – picking of automobile accessories

The Finnish automotive supplier wanted to modernize its 24,000 m² main warehouse to remain competitive. In doing so, it was especially keen to automate its process[more]

Miller Bäckerei – retrieval of ingredients

After constructing a new building, the manufacturer of bread and other baked goods wanted to make more efficient use of its storage capacity and also establish clearer...[more]

National Oilwell Varco – optimizing storage logistics

National Oilwell Varco supplies customers in the oil and gas industry with accessories and spare parts. Its storage logistics were reorganized to improve efficiency following...[more]

Spreng – central spare part storage for vehicle products

The Volkswagen dealer Spreng required central storage and organization of the various special tools, adjusting devices, and measuring and testing equipment that had...[more]

Schneeberger – storage of semi-finished parts

Due to increased demand, the machine tool manufacturer Schneeberger Lineartechnik planned to expand its production capacity with a special focus on making optimal use of the...[more]

Nycomed – storage of sterile items

The Austrian health care company Nycomed needed new storage units for its intermediate products within its clean room production operation, requiring high standards in...[more]

Rohde & Schwarz – storage of goods under dry conditions

The electronics company Rohde & Schwarz needed to store its spare parts under dry conditions, not least to prevent them from aging. At the same time, it wanted to improve its...[more]

Erling Sande – optimizing the entire storage process

The growing demand for its products meant that the importer of vehicles and accessories was faced with the task of expanding its storage capacity. This was accompanied by an...[more]

Arnold – storage and order picking in a tight space

Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH, a manufacturer of high-precision cutting tools, needed a new logistics center to manage its growing product portfolio. The center had to be capable of...[more]

Hartensteiner – storage of spare parts and tools

Hartensteiner sells agricultural vehicles and machinery. A modern logistics center with showroom, workshop, and spare parts warehouse was built for the extensive product...[more]

Slakey Brothers - Horizontal Carousels Boost Order Picking Efficiency & Accuracy

Slakey Brothers, established in 1939, is one of the West Coast’s largest distributors of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing supplies.[more]