Customer References

Karlstad – hygienic storage of hospital supplies

Karlstad’s main hospital has more than 600 patient beds and its 3,200 employees provide health services for the entire Värmland region in Sweden. As part of a building...[more]

ALSO Schweiz AG – fast replenishment for the electrical retailer

The ALSO Group specializes in distributing IT and entertainment electronics throughout Europe. No fewer than 8,000 items are stored on an area covering 26,000 m² at its Swiss...[more]

Christie – ergonomic retrieval of projection systems

The global manufacturer of projection systems needed more storage space at its center of excellence in the Canadian city of Ontario to meet the growing number of customer...[more]

Johnson Controls – conditioned buffer storage for automated production line

The automotive supplier needed an efficient conditioning system for the interim storage of its door panel supports on a three-shift operation. By adding water, the parts take...[more]

Frydenbo – cost-cutting storage of spare parts

The Norwegian car dealer set itself the aim of keeping 90 percent of all spare parts in stock on the premises. Establishing this service concept required fast processing...[more]

Frühauf – storage and picking of electronic parts

The company gradually expanded its storage capacity by adding a series of automated storage lifts in order to successfully meet the increasing demand for its electronic...[more]

Bauwerk Parkett – storage of parquet samples

In the course of redesigning a showroom, the Swiss parquet manufacturer wished to change its storage technology from static shelving to an automated system with the aim of...[more]

Knorr Bremse II – buffer storage with fire extinguishing system

The company planned to centralize its buffer storage system in order to organize its extensive range of assembly parts more efficiently. An innovative fire protection system...[more]

Halba Chocolats – buffer storage for perishable confectionery

The Swiss confectioner wanted to use a buffer storage system to guarantee continuous production and increase productivity by ensuring that the manufacturing process didn’t...[more]

Etra Oy – picking of industrial small parts

The supplier of industrial parts wanted to build a new distribution center and was looking for an automated alternative to the manual order picking operation from static...[more]