Fast Parts Delivery

Efficient order picking for wholesale business

  • Optimize your picking performance!
  • Enhance your readiness to deliver!
  • Frequent, permanent and fast access to articles
  • 24-hour or overnight delivery


Our Fast Parts Delivery application is specifically designed for wholesalers with focus on fast delivery. No matter which industry, production, craft producers, automotive industry or health care sector: everyone needs fast and safe access to (spare) parts of various sizes, small parts in bins or lightweight goods.

A combination of our Horizontal Carousel(s), our Power Pick Global 6000 software and other components like pick-/put-to-light systems will help you to successfully meet any challenges an ever changing and more demanding industry poses.

Why choose Fast Parts Delivery?

Compared to static shelving, the goods-to-person principle of Horizontal Carousels in combination with warehouse management software and various picking strategies results in:


Significantly improved order picking performance
The travel time for the picker can be reduced drastically while due to fast and accurate access to stored goods unproductive search times are avoided. As a result, increased throughput, reduction in personnel, more turnover and more customer satisfaction lead to more productivity and less costs.


Error-free order picking

Picking errors by the personnel are kept to a minimum by displaying the picking information: no more incorrect deliveries, no unnecessary expenses.


Quick Return on Investment

Our experience shows that as a general rule a Kardex Remstar solution will pay off within 12-24 months depending on the project.


Optimized storage volume (m³)

Best possible storage density is achieved by significantly increasing the fill factor.


Optimized storage space (m²)

A Horizontal Carousel makes optimal use of the existing room length, thus optimizing profitability and efficient use of existing storage space.










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The intended area of 30m2 with a room height of 3.5 m had to be maintained to store 15,000 different items.




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Benefits at a glance:
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance flexibility
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