Frank Mohn - Tailored storage of production components

Frank Mohn, a Norwegian manufacturer of submersible pumping systems for the shipping and offshore industry, needed to efficiently store and retrieve parts of various dimensions for its production operation. The inventory ranges from small parts to bulky and very heavy parts. With an automated storage solution from Kardex Remstar, Frank Mohn is now able to supply its demanding customers in the oil and gas industry with its products anytime and on time.


  • Manage a wide range of goods
  • Shorten the time taken to access the parts
  • Optimize internal transport
  • Simplify the movement of semi-finished goods between the various production areas
  • Interim storage and just-in-time retrieval of components needed for assembly


  • Various storage units installed to handle the wide range of goods
  • Heavy parts stored in a TowerMat up to 18 meters high with three access openings for fast access
  • Smaller parts efficiently stored and picked in Shuttle XPs
  • Pallets stored and retrieved using Shuttle XP Multiples
  • Space saved by making optimal use of the hall height with 10.5-meter-high storage units

Scope of delivery:

  • 6 Shuttle XP Multiple units
  • 6 Shuttle XP 1000 units
  • 1 TowerMat TM-FE 2.3 from Intertex
  • 1 TowerMat TM-FE 2.1 from Intertex
  • Power Pick Global warehouse management software
  • Picking aids: LED pointer and confirmation bars

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