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New Solution for Fast Order Fulfillment

FramePick 4 Wholesale


System Integration and seamless Connectivity

System Integration and seamless Connectivity

Do you have the challenge to integrate a new storage system into your existing software architecture because you want to optimize your order processing? The hardware and software solutions from Kardex Remstar provide you the ideal basis for your strategy.


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Customer Story: Boosting Order Processing

Find out how our customer Vihamij improved their order processing and reduced travel time to keep up with the needs of their growing wholesale business of building materials.

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Heavy goods straining your warehouse?

Kardex Remstar: Heavy Duty

6 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Storing Heavy Loads

Heavy duty goods are traditionally stored on pallets and can only be moved by a fork-lift. Non-palletized items that require a crane are often stored on open floor space – taking up room and the handling can be time and labour consuming.
Find out how you can optimize your heavy inventory handling.

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Kardex VLM BOX & VLM BOX Spacer

Kardex VLM BOX

A complete box system and flexible solution customized for dynamic storing

The Kardex VLM BOX is a adjustable bin system designed for the Vertical Lift Module Kardex Remstar XP. It can increase the stock  capacity by 20 – 25 %. The Kardex VLM BOX is flexible in height,  width and depth to create over 300 location types – from just one box.


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Case Studies

FLAMA - Multi-level storage solution in high-tech manufacturing

Shanghai FLAMA Welding Equipment is one of China’s leading manufacturers of inverter welders. They...

Merck - Research substances stored in a controlled environment

Merck KGaA is one of the world’s leading companies in the pharma and chemical industry. The company...

Berner Oberland Bahnen AG – efficient storage for SMEs

Berner Oberland Bahnen AG operates several railroad routes in Switzerland. Its warehouse had to be...

Kardex Remstar News

Speed up order fulfillment with FramePick

In today's intralogistics, fast order processing is crucial for every business: customers expect a...

Patrick Senn, Product Manager Technical Portfolio Management, on how to increase efficiency and productivity in storage systems.

In this interview Patrick Senn explains the diverse opportunities to boost productivity in storage...

Tobias Flury, Head of Life Cycle Service Kardex Remstar, about what customers define as good service and its most crucial elements.

Preventing downtime, a quick and friendly reaction when issues arise and a system, that is fit for...


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