Kardex Remstar Vertical Carousels:

Increased Effectivness

Our Vertical Carousels offer solutions for tooling, stationery, industrial and commercial hardware and consumables, all with one common goal: improved effectiveness of the order picking process.

A vertical carousel features a series of shelves which can be rotated so that the user can access the requested items more easily. Not only that, it allows for their removal from a safe and convenient height, minimizing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.

Vertical storage carousels will:


  • Save floor space - as you instead maximize the use of vertical space
  • Save Time - as retrieval times are reduced
  • Improve health and safety - as physical effort is reduced and awkward lifting positions are eliminated
  • Enhance security - as additional security options are available


Our vertical storage solutions are suitable for tools, stationery, industrial and commercial hardware and consumables. The benefits for each remain the same - improved effectiveness in the order picking process and either increased storage space or more efficient use of what is available.


Productoverview Vertical Carousels:


Megamat RS: Vertical carousel for small parts handling
Megamat RS 180: Perfect space optimation!
Megamat: Save Space and boost Productivity
Case Studies

Machinery - Storage of lightweight small parts in boxes

Space-saving system: storage area of 77.52 m² on a footprint covering 6.32 m². Clearly organized...

Electrics / Electronics - Error-free retrieval of SMD reels

Simple and clearly structured picking process. Throughput increased by more than 50 % with the same...

Order Picking - Order Picking of hair products for e-commerce

150 % increase in productivity (up to 6,000 order lines in one shift). 60 % less space occupied....


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