Warehouse Edition

The modern, functional and easy to implement warehouse management solution – by KARDEX

The extensive Warehouse Solution

The Warehouse Edition Package is a modern, functional and easy-to-implement warehouse management solution with a wide range of modules and functionalities.


  • Client Management – Regulates the allocation of clients, materials and users to clients. During the logon process, a client is specified with all follow-up actions performed from the client’s perspective.
  • Batching – Increases throughput and picking performance. Batches can be created manually or automatically.

Modules and Functionalities:

  • Transaction management
  • Height management
  • Data transfer (master data, order) with the customer’s host system
  • Inventory counting
  • Optimised and concurrent storage unit access from any workstation
  • Processing of multiple orders at the same workstation
  • Weight management
  • SAP integration