Small Business Package

Easy-to-use, safe and compact – the software solution for small and medium-sized enterprises

Easy-to-use, safe and compact


Our Small Business Package has been designed for stand-alone installations controlling 1-2 units. The standard starter package includes an extensive array of modules for the management of material, storage location and space, users and bins.


Material management – Add, edit or delete material and relevant data for material-specific pick and pack-strategies (FIFO or LIFO). The module allows allocation of different location types and material storage without specification of quantities.


Bin management – Storage locations are represented by bins (a box or container having x/y and z dimensions, defining the space required for the material to be stored). Bins are available as standard bins, container bins or divisible bins. The layout of a bin can be changed and adjusted any time.

Manual operation – Pick and pack and return operations can also be performed without previous order placement. Power Pick Global contains a set of features to perform these unplanned transactions.

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