Order Processor

Safe, fast and optimized storage –

Safe, fast and optimised Storage

The Order Processor Package is designed for application in medium sized warehouses featuring multiple units and multiple PC workstations.

It provides additional modules such as:

  • Order Controlled Storage – Optimised storage to reduce waiting times, double access, urgent delivery requests and the division of the warehouse into separate zones.
  • Cost Center Management –  Advanced reporting functions and report and label printing. Integration of dynamic user-definable data information fields for material and order data and an additional module featuring advanced administrative tasks.
  • Warehouse Management Function – Enhanced administrative functions for warehouse managers.
  • Order Optimisation – Optimised orders to enhance picking performance and storage space.
  • Tray Access Optimisation – Reduced picking times by offering different tray presentation options.
  • Double Access – Tray presentation in the Shuttle access opening on two different levels.
  • Double Tray – The main tray remains on the extractor while the requested inner tray is unloaded from the main tray and brought into the access point. Once picking is finished, the tray is placed back into the dual tray and returned to its location in the Shuttle unit.
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