Kardex Remstar Megamat RS 350

Ideal for medium-sized loads

Megamat RS 350

The Megamat RS 350 is the perfect solution for storing and retrieving components, tools and spare parts. Among the wide range of possible applications, each carrier can be loaded with up to 350 kg.


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Cost-Saving storage of spare parts

Frydenbo Megamat RS

With the implementation of Kardex Remstar Megamat RS 350 paternoster, Frydenbø Bilsenter saved more than 120 m² floor space. More storage space has allowed the company to buy in larger quantities of fast moving parts. Annual savings on quantity discounts and transport amount to more than € 200,000 .


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Order Picking – Intelligent, highly profitable order picking systems


Integrating automated order picking solutions into an existing order picking process allows organizations to really do more with less.

Automating order picking can increase picking efficiency, save floor space and improve order accuracy- leading to greater profitability.


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Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousels

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Karussell

Fast retrieval and efficient order picking

With a Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel goods are stored and retrieved quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.


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Kardex Remstar Power Pick Global

The Warehouse Management Software for intralogistic solutions

Power Pick Global

navigates orders through the fulfillment process, providing all articles on-time for efficient picking: fast, accurate and easy.

The modular design allows Power Pick Global the flexibility to meet any of your individual order fulfillment requirements. It can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from production to distribution to logistics, in many industries.

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Case Studies

Pharma – Sort2Ship order consolidation buffer

More efficient production, bigger batches upstream and smaller batches downstream. Low space consump...

Machinery - Just-in-time retrieval for assembly

Just-in-time retrieval is 20 times faster, Integration in the production process means employees hav...

Maintenance - Efficient Order Picking of airplanes and helicopter parts

Picking frequency four times faster, Increased storage capacity: 14,000 part numbers on only, 35 m² ...

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How companies can benefit from modern intralogistics and what the Kardex Group has to offer: See for yourself.
How companies can benefit from modern intralogistics and what the Kardex Group has to offer: See for yourself.
Kardex Remstar News

Oil & Gas – Special Report

Innovations in Storage and Retrieval Systems for Modern Oil and Gas Operations

Smart Storage for Tools from Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar has added new options to ensuring safe, space-saving storage and management of tools,...

May The (Labor) Force Be With You

With the human workforce aging and shrinking, implementing new automated storage and retrieval syste...


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