Offer your customers maximum service quality throughout the whole supply chain.

We have developed solutions for different sectors, applications and operational areas for decades: experience that you can use.

Third Party Logistics, also named “Fourth Party Logistics”, “Fifth Party Logistics” or “Lead Logistics Provider”, is a business field with very good prospects for the future: more and more companies are recognising that they have to concentrate on their core activities and are outsourcing all their logistics operations. This presents you, as a logistics service provider, with ever more challenges and opens up more new, attractive opportunities. Whether you operate a central warehouse, offer a quick-as-lightning spare parts service, ensure maximum workflow as a distribution point or rent out machinery and equipment: use our experience from different sectors, assignments and special cases to offer your customers maximum service quality throughout the whole supply chain.


Service that will convince your customers

Would you like a little more? Together with you we can develop efficient solutions for all warehouse and distribution logistics functions including temporary storage, dispatch and returns processing. Not only that: offer your customers value added, by, for example, quality control and functionality checks, upgrading, mothballing, re-commissioning, repairs management, packaging, customs clearance, accreditation monitoring, and, and, and. We will show you how it works.

Flexible and open for everything

Our solutions can be incorporated into every logistics system. As an efficient warehouse, in manufacturing or as a buffer for a mail order operation. In addition, the Kardex Remstar warehouse administration software and pick and place facilities guarantee secure storage and retrieval at peak times too.

Thinking of the future

Whether you are a service provider for one or for many customers: we will ensure that your business is open to new requirements – such as the product range or profitable add-on services. Speak to us.

Case Studies

Warehouse and Distribution - Order picking with pick to light trolleys

Same amount of goods on 20 % of the floor space compared with shelving in mezzanines. Extremly effic...

Warehouse & Distribution - Order picking of automotive accessories

Power Pick. Opti-Flex-technology. 4,000 picks per day with 8 operators. Foot print: 315 m² - new sto...

Maintenance - Spare parts storage

73 m² storage space on a footprint of around. 6.5 m². Clean and well-protected storage. High degree ...