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Machinery - Storage of lightweight small parts in boxes

Space-saving system: storage area of 77.52 m² on a footprint covering 6.32 m². Clearly organized components/fi ttings for assembly. Dust-free storage. Permanent inventory control.[more]

Tuesday 19. August 2014

Electrics / Electronics - handling of SMD reels for production

Over 60 % warehouse space reduction (from 48 m2 to 16 m2). Goods stored in an ordered, clean, and dust-free way. Increased productivity (1,100 daily operations with the same number of operators). Max. traceability of...[more]

Tuesday 19. August 2014

Electrics / Electronics - Error-free retrieval of SMD reels

Simple and clearly structured picking process. Throughput increased by more than 50 % with the same number of employees. 100 % error-free retrieval of SMD reels for the setup / removal process.[more]

Tuesday 01. July 2014

Maintenance - Spare part distribution – management of mobile workshop

Recovery of more than 70 % of the space previously used within the warehouse. Over 350 m2 of storage capacity in less than 8 m2 of fl oor space. More control over the handled parts. Extreme accuracy in processing the...[more]

Tuesday 10. June 2014

Order Picking - Order Picking of hair products for e-commerce

150 % increase in productivity (up to 6,000 order lines in one shift). 60 % less space occupied. ROI: 1-2 years. Picking and inbound replenishment possible in the same process. Easy adaption to fulfi ll the needs of...[more]

Tuesday 10. June 2014

Automotive - Order picking for engine assembly

More parts can be stored while saving 500 square meters of fl oor space. Variable storage of spare parts provides greater fl exibility. New order picking process introduced.[more]

Monday 05. May 2014

Others: Museums & Galleries - Secure and environmentally stable storage of finest art

Time and space savings. Ergonomics working conditions. Increased security levels (easy tracking). Fire protection.[more]

Wednesday 28. May 2014

Chemical Pharmaceuticals - Efficient retrieval of package inserts

Improved efficiency: the retrieval time is around ten minutes shorter for each order line. 60 % more storage space on the same floor space. Greater flexibility afforded by being able to retrieve variable amounts of...[more]

Wednesday 27. November 2013

Electronics - Dry storage of power grid equipment

Rapid access to spare parts. Dry components thanks to dehumidifying systems. Order and clarity in the store. 99 % accurate retrieval by using pick-by-light operator prompting.[more]

Friday 20. September 2013

Medicine - Batch- and multi-user-picking of micro-optic components

Greater efficiency due to batch picking combined with multi user picking (800 order lines per day). Better picking accuracy thanks to software from Kardex Remstar, an LED pointer, and a pick-to-light system. Improved...[more]

Monday 30. September 2013

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