Benchmark for Storage Solutions


If you want to store any kind of physical item, a space saving, reliable and efficient storage and retrieval solution can reduce man hours and storage costs – whether operated automatically or by hand. All of our vertical lift, vertical carousel and horizontal carousel systems work on the 'goods to person' principle, reducing waiting and walking times significantly.

Applications / Goods for Storage Solutions

Cross Industry Solutions Small parts storage
Fire protection
Automotive Buffering
Electronics SMD handling
Wafer & Board storage
Cable & Wire storage
Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals Climate control
Sample conditioning
Bulk storage
Explosion security
Machinery Tooling
Raw material
Semi-finished products
Maintenance Spare parts
Hospitals Acclimatisation
Case Studies

Pharma – Sort2Ship order consolidation buffer

More efficient production, bigger batches upstream and smaller batches downstream. Low space...

Machinery - Storage of lightweight small parts in boxes

Space-saving system: storage area of 77.52 m² on a footprint covering 6.32 m². Clearly organized...

Maintenance - Spare part distribution – management of mobile workshop

Recovery of more than 70 % of the space previously used within the warehouse. Over 350 m² of...


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